Our Team


Raees Usmani

Co-Founder & CEO

In charge of:

Creative Solutions;

Organizational Leadership; 

Business Communications;

Electronics & Instruments Engineer

Rabia Umar Malik

Co-Founder & COO

In charge of: 

Organizational Strategy; 

Oversee and approve all product designs

Syed Muhammad Kashif Raza Naqvi

Co-Founder & CTO

In charge of: 

Organizational Strategy; 

Oversee and approve all product designs

Jawaria Shuja

Co-Founder & Marketing Director

In charge of: 

Oversee internal development teams;

Maintain and update database structure;

Optimize internal agile processes

Our Background

The Leader of the HDL team Mr.Raees Usmani (Co-Founder & CEO) is a successful Electronics & Instrumentation Engineer, who reached the point in his professional career. Now he is implementing his most desired business ideas into a real venture. He decided to make it in Canada utilizing a growing Canadian Venture Capital landscape, a vast source of IT-professionals and the growing global appetite for Canadian intellectual resources. 

We have a huge experience in branding, marketing, retail and IT that helped us to create the fundamental principles for this project and guide it towards commercialization. 

Our international business and life experience long identified extremely high desire and demand for high-quality services and high-end products among growing middle-class worldwide. We have an experience in the engineering business, marketing, commerce, and even medical field that helped us to create this project. 

As a team, we have a way of developing a strong brand and effective communications; we can implement creative approaches to the most difficult digital marketing and business tasks; we are familiar with data management technologies and know-how they could be effectively used for the realization of the purposes we set ourselves.


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