Coffee and Blockchain: the Supply Chain perspective on one App

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.IBM is the latest vendor to provide a blockchain platform for coffee bean growers looking to track their product on its journey to market – and let consumers trace their java back to the farm to discover where and how it was grown.

Top picks for Canadian Technology in 2020

Canadian stocks once again underperformed compared to their American peers in 2019, with the S&P 500 returning 31.5 per cent versus the S&P/TSX at 29.0 per cent. 

AI changing the logistics landscape

One of the major challenges for logistics providers, explains Ben Humphries, head of global pre-sales at Montreal-based AI solution developer Element AI, is that the technology they depend on is based on earlier high-volume paradigms. 

Report on the impact of AI on computer hardware

Aim of this analysis is to reveal an AI scenario with dynamics of the consumer industry. The report evaluates the AI impact on the semiconductor industry and proposes an in-depth understanding of the AI ecosystem and related players.

Outlook on 5G in Canada

Despite all this coverage, and 5G's power to reshape the world around us and how we communicate, public literacy about 5G and why it matters remains remarkably low.

Shortage of computer chips is a growing concern

There are many contributors to Intel’s long-running chip production problems. For starters, demand for Intel computer chips has been higher than expected as more businesses depend on resource-intensive applications, cloud computing, and state-of-the-art machines to gain a competitive edge.

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