About Us

About the platform

HDL is a digital platform for Canada-based innovative entrepreneurs. It is one of a kind matching opportunity for concerned clients to find and connect with manufacturers around the world for assembling their ideas in terms of hardware into a final product. 

Our specialty is helping entrepreneurs with limited or no experience in hardware manufacturing reduce or eliminate as many manufacturing and supply-chain risks as possible. 

One of the key objectives is for our customers to end up with a fund-able prototype or to have lowered risk enough to attract outside investors, who can be skittish about hardware companies that experience supply-chain and inventory risk.

Our Team

HDL SOFTWARE DESIGN GROUP CORP. has 4 co-founders, whose experience and mind-set perfectly complemented each other and led to this innovative project.

They have a huge experience in engineering business, marketing, commerce, and medical field that helped them to create this project. 

Core principles

In our platform, each algorithm has certain features and distinguished logistical set of tools implemented in distinct order! 

It is a user-friendly digital platform with a personal touch and exclusive care. The common denominator is exclusivity and innovation is in the unification of data sourcing and optimization of logistical solutions.

Core principles are the following:

  • education;
  • tear downs;
  • communication.


The problem we are resolving

Unlike software start-ups, the world of hardware design has multiple manufacturers and huge amounts of controversial information, when assembling a new product of your desire becomes a difficult issue to an average inventor. 

Having the idea itself no matter how creative it is, will only be the initial point of the actual creation. Reliable information, as well as assistance with finding hardware parts and respective manufacturers, is always an important stage in the realization of the scheme project.

In the world of endless opportunities, people still want to eliminate as many manufacturing and supply-chain risks as possible. We understand these business consumers - building a sustainable and profitable hardware company takes commitment and time. 

The key is making sure that the product you’re bringing to market has the potential to scale and grow your business with the right economics. That is why we are mentoring start-ups on how to get their products manufactured, how to scale, and how to build a successful company.

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